Car Hauler Trailer: Introduction

Car-Transporter-Master-K-Re.pngIf you need to move your classic car, stock or race car, tractor, farming equipment or agricultural machinery, you can't go past the Trailersauce Car Hauler/Transporter trailer for strength, versatility, ease of use and smooth, well balanced towing.

With its tilting deck, hinging ramps and drawbar mounted winch, loading and unloading of vehicles or machinery is a breeze. Securing the load is quick and easy with heavy duty tie rails extending from the front of the trailer all the way down each side.Car_Transporter_Master_Nx.png

With a standard GVM of 2500kg (5,500 lbs) with hydraulic override brakes, fitting 4 wheel electric brakes will increase the trailers capacity up to a total of 3500kg (7,700 lbs) GVM.

The tare weight of this trailer is approximately 680kgs (1500 lbs).


Deck size is 4.25 x 1.95m (13’ 11 ¼” x 6’ 4 ¾”) and can be fitted with steel, alloy or timber decking, depending on its end requirement. The 500mm (19 ¾”) wide ramps are 900mm (35 ½”) high and will allow almost any vehicle to run on and off the trailer without bottoming out or damaging valuable trims.

Running 14" tyres, and oscillating load sharing suspension, the car transporter trailer will tow your pride and joy effortlessly, smoothly and safely.Car_Transporter_Tilt.png

The following design will enable most competent welders/engineers to quickly fabricate the trailer with easy to follow, step by step instruction.

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