5' x 8' Tandem Axle Trailer: Introduction

5x8_dual_axle_trailer.jpgA 5'x 8' tandem trailer is one of the workhorses of utility trailers, it is one of the most popular sizes due to its strength and versatility. With or without brakes this trailer can be rated up to 6000 lb GTW depending on your states braking requirements.

With its load sharing, oscillating suspension, it can carry large and awkward loads with ease and comfort especially in the case of transporting animals and livestock around.

5x8_Dual_axle_rear_profile.jpgGreat for farmers, builders, landscapers and contractors, or anyone who requires a larger trailer, the 5' x 8' tandem can do it all.

This trailer runs 14" tires, has 15" high sides

5x8 dual axle trailer front profile with an internal, level capacity to carry 50 cu ft, or more if heaped up.

Heavy duty fenders with fender braces, a strong rear light channel to protect your lights, plenty of tie downs and a strong dependable tongue which can be set up for hydraulic or electric brakes easily. What more could you want - Lets start building!

Specifications -5x8_Dual_axle_front_profile.jpg

- Deck Size 5' x 8'
- Tandem axle 14" wheels
- Load Sharing Rocker Suspension
- Fully welded steel chassis
- Steel panel sides/tailgates
- Hinging front and rear tailgate
- Full length tie rails
- 3/4" Plywood decking (options available - See "Trailer Decking" )
- 5500 lb GTM (can be upgraded if required)
- Tare Weight 815 lb

NOTE -If are contemplating galvanizing your trailer it pays to do a bit of prep work on your cross members prior to welding. Please check the Pre-Finishing and Galvanising page prior to starting.