Drum Brake Setup

Use the following procedure if you are unable to source the specific instructions for your model of drum brakes.

1. Place the backing plate over the axle and tighten the bolts until they are finger tight.

2. Grease the bearings and fit them and the seal to the drum.

3. Slide the drum assembly over the axle until it sets correctly - watch your fingers don’t get jammed between the drum and backing plate!

4. Tighten up the castle nut until there is no play in the bearings and then back the castle nut off slightly.

5. Adjust the brake adjusters on the backing plate until the brake shoes lock onto the drum .

6. Tighten the backing plate bolts onto the axle. The backing plate should now be central on the axle.

7. Back off the brake adjuster until the drum turns freely without any noticeable drag

8. Re seat the bearings once again by tightening and backing off the castle nut while slowly turning the drum. Loosen the castle nut just enough so that the hole in the axle and castle nut groove are aligned and fit the split pin.

9. Fold over split pin so that is it fixed in position and fit the dust cap.

10. Check and re-adjust the bearings after the first 500 miles.